ATT Nighthawk M1 Unlocked Work with T-mobile

  • 26 June 2018
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I have an unlocked Nighthawk M1 from AT&T, i want to know whether i can use it with T-mobile 4G SIM card? If yes, I'm planning to change my ATT SIM to T-mobile.

Please advise. Thanks.


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9 replies

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Hey, @magenta4986936​!

This device should work well with our network as long as you're in an area that has Band 12 (700mHz). If you have a specific area that you're going to frequent, drop me a zip code and I'll take a look to see if Band 12 is present.

T-Mobile network bands & technologies 

I recently picked one up. It is unlocked and I set up the APN for T-Mobile. It shows connected to T-Mobile but my connected devices cannot access the internet. I wanted to see if you had any success with yours and see what you did to get it working.

Hi is it possible to check my zip code to check if the band is also available? 37042


Can you check on 30033 for Band 12?  I looked at the network map, but couldn't filter based on band.   I just bought a t-mobile line w/data and sim as well as an unlocked Nighthawk m1, but I am getting Mobile Broadband disconnected so I wanted to check on the coverage map. 

FYI I put the SIM for the new line in my existing t-mobile phone it it made phone calls and received data fine, but it is not working in the nighthawk m1. 

Can you check 36571 for this band?

Can you check zip 80440 for band 12?  If that's too broad an area and you need a specific address message me.

@tmo_amanda: I also have a Nighthawk MR1100 (MR1100-2A1NAS, unlocked AT&T-branded with the additional Band 14 – I know Band 14 isn't supported by TMO). I cannot get it to register on the network. I've got a good connection on Band 12 but it will not register. It appears T-Mobile has blocked this device (which is very confusing).

Can you help me troubleshoot why this device won't register / attach to the network?

Did you ever get it to connect? That's what mine says too.

this device dose support the required bandwith and beyond what is required to run on the network (excluding 5G requirements) tmoblie is just blocking the device on porpoise.