Audible alerts I cannot turn off

  • 27 October 2022
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I am having an ongoing problem with audible alerts that I cannot disable via the application or via the android application preferences. Here are the details.

The alert is "Passenger seatbelt unbuckled" alert.  See below

However in the application there is no option for this alert.


If I click on the alert on my phone, turn it off, disable the alert, and turn off the audible notification, it still comes back again and again and again. It seems there is NO WAY to turn off this completely pointless alert without blocking ALL alerts for the entire app. This totally defeats the purpose of the app. I want notifications about real issues, like battery, tires, engine codes, etc. Instead I get nothing but constant alerts about passenger seatbelt!.


I’ve installed the latest app update and nothing changes. I also sent several emails to which is listed in the app store, but no response.


Please help!

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