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  • 17 May 2020
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I have an unlocked M1 Nighthawk that has been working great On “tmobile” till yesterday.  Service went out and the orange light of doom came on.  Contacted the indi provider that told me  “They” meaning tmobile, was/is doing upgrades in my area and the indi provider could not service me.  They promptly turned my service off saying I would get a refund.  I figuered I would go straight to the source and just get tmobile prepaid direct.  Enter my SIM number and get an error that “this sim is already in use”.  No joke, thats why I hit the bring my own device page.....

any way to use my SIM that was working fine on Thursday with direct prepaid and cut out the middleman?  My kids have a week of school left and I do t want to wait for a new SIM in the mail.


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SIMs are funny things. They actually will continue to do their jobs but for administrative reasons carriers like to flush previously used ones from the system. It may be technically possible to reactivate your SIM through T-Mobile but it probably can't happen administratively. You could contact T-Mobile by phone, Twitter or Facebook and ask but I think you'll end up needing a new SIM.

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