Can't activate Test Drive hotspot

  • 30 August 2019
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Hi Amanda,

   Could you please help me on the Test Drive activation? I plugged in the SIM card, the test drive device powered up and WiFi got connected (however I can only find the 2.4Ghz SSID but not the 5GHz SSID even after changed the mode to 802.11n only and frequency channel). I can see LTE got connected with signal strength -101 dBm (not great but should work), I can see serveral MBs of current data usage and couple of hundreds Bytes Upload/Donwload real time speed.

  My problem is I am always redirected to the "T-Mobile Connect Me" activation web page wherever I want to browse Internet, after I click the "Get Started" button, I receives an error from browser (Chrome returns ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT). On the paper comes with the Test Drive device, it says the SIM is already activated but it seems not, could you please help out? My device IMEI 860006042629622.

  Thanks in advance.

Everything is not running smoothly now. I've had the same issue for weeks, with two different testdrive devices. When I talk to chat support, they say the systems are undergoing an update at this time. Quite a long update. 😀


All of those should help you. The first 3 will take you to modem settings ( the password is admin). And the last one tells you about updating your hotspot.

Those links do not help. Logging into the admin panel you'll find has no option to disable the captive portal. You'll also find that searching for a software update also fails.