Customer support had dropped off a cliff

I bought a T Mobile Drive Sync device. It stopped working. The store told me they would order a new one and call me when ready. 2-months later they won't answer their phone. I have called 4 times and no one will help me. 4 hours wasted. promises were broken. Everyone gives you a different answer and support has gone from great to crap in the 20 years we have been customers. We are now dropping all 8 of out t-mobile lines and will never do business with such a company that doesn't respect their customers again. Please spread the word on social media. Frank S.  Have other's been treated so poorly also?

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Wow, over 2 decades with us, @frankandngs​? I'm bummed to hear about your situation with SyncUp Drive and the store that you were trying to contact. Frank, at any point did you work with Customer Care to get a replacement ordered or did you solely work with a store? Customer Care or T-Force may be able to get you a replacement device out faster. I'm not sure why the two-way communication stopped but I want to make sure we take something out of this conversation to prevent this from happening to other customers. We definitely want to get this straightened out ASAP.

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I know it has already been suggested but I would also suggest working with the T-force team to get this matter resolved.

I have made many calls to resolve it. I work 10 hours a day and get $185/hour. T-mobile has wasted over 3 hours of my time on a $70 device. Wasted on drives, calls, and people telling me conflicting stories. I cannot waste my time on such an messed up organization.  T-Mobile like to resolve, but that mean me working and them doing nothing to resolve anything.

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I am sorry that you feel that way. However, the solution that is being proposed at the moment would not require you to do any driving and should not take you longer than about 15mins max. I can see that you a very busy man and time is money. However, switching carriers would also be a huge investment in time and effort. This is why I suggest giving one more go into getting this resolved since you now have everyone on this forum that wants to help you. I mean why switch if the service and its pricing was meeting your needs.

This ofcourse is just how I am looking at it, and I totally can see things from your point of view as well. Just know that I personally would love to help you however I can. I have also had a lot of experience supporting users not just on this forum but on the AT&T one as well. So the issues occurring are not really specific to T-mobile since I see them crop up across many organizations large and small. Its hard to say for certain how the ball was dropped on something so simple and I am not really trying to defend T-mobile employees that have assisted you thus far.

Anywho sorry for the long stuff I just go back to what I think the best course of action is which is you messaging T-mobile not calling over social media. Try and get it resolved and then worse case scenario go with your original plan to switch.

Just remember that if you do switch you will more than likely need to buy all new phones and go through the port out process which can take days. I am sure phone costs are small with the amount that you make but it still worth remembering since that money could be spent elsewhere.

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Hey, @frankandngs​. I want to echo what @tmo_amanda​ and @dragon1562​ have said above. We'd hate to see you go, and want a team with account access to track this order and figure out what we need to do to get the replacement equipment to you. I can appreciate that it feels like you've put more effort into this than you should have so far, but if you're willing to give us another shot we have heard tons of positive feedback regarding interactions with our T-Force team. Did you have a chance to reach out to them?

Hi tmo_marissa or Amanda,

I have been reading your responses and an surprised and happy that someone there seems to care.

While my switching costs are low, because we had all 8 of our iphone unlocked, I appreciate your efforts enough to give it a 5th try.

I called again and demanded to speak to a supervisor and this time the answer was different. She said a new (un-defective) unit will be mailed out to me (and a shipping label to send the defective one back), since the store’s phone does seem to work and I have no energy to deal with the teenagers there that gave me false answers.

I will wait for that shipment.

If this doesn’t solve the all the problems (there were a few, including extreme latency when it would connect), how can you, or your team help further? How do I email?


I am willing to give it a try. Thanks.

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T-mobile can be contacted over social media. Community-2153  I have linked the contact information from the site in my post.

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Hey there! Have you received your replacement yet? If so, how is it working for you?

Hi, I am out of town for a week.


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Oh okay. Please let us know how things go when you get back 😊

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Hey @frankandngs

I see you posted a couple more times today regarding the same issue. We would kindly ask that you please refrain from posting the same content multiple times as it can be considered spamming. I Understand that the situation that you are in is very frustrating and I am sorry to hear that your replacement was also defective.

I know that you said that you were working with T-Force and were replying to their emails. I think there might be a bit of confusion here as T-Force does not correspond via email. Perhaps the emails you were receiving were emails sent to you by Facebook or Twitter letting you know that you received a private message from T-Force. If that is the case, you would not be able to reply directly from the email but rater reply via the original channel you reached out to them on be it Facebook or Twitter.

For your specific concerns and your requests, we are going to need to have access to your account which we do not have here on a support community. The best course of action for this is going to be to continue to work with our T-Force team on Facebook or Twitter as they will be able to do the type of investigation needed to provide you with all available options. 

Hi @tmo_chris

The only way to get your companies attention is to post on social media. Calling doesn't help.

Going to the store does help.

If you want to help, Call me. It might work better than email me an email with no-reply addresses.