Data usage Discrepancies with Inseego MiFi 2000

  • 22 October 2021
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I just got an Inseego 5G 2000 hotspot on T-Mobile, and I am noticing a discrepancy with the usage that is reported on the device itself and its administration page, compared to the usage reported in my account with T-Mobile.

Yesterday, T-Mobile said I had used 3.52GB but the device itself said 2.90GB - a difference of .62GB

Today, T-Mobile said I had used 4.31GB, but the device is only reporting 3.27 - now a difference of 1.04GB. 

I really don’t think I have used that much - my old Franklin device on Sprint - which this has replaced - averaged about 1GB a day with often heavy use. This Inseego has been used sparingly, but has this high usage.

At that rate of about .5 GB overage a day - that will add up to about 15GB over the course of a month! 

Why is that happening and which is the accurate reporting? And what can be done about it to make T-Mobile’s data match that reported on the Inseego.

Thanks for the help!

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