Digits - Sound Notifications Recieved But No Messages

i am continuously receiving sound notifications on both of my devices that I have installed Digits to recently, yet there are NO notifications appearing for me to review.  I know it is coming from the Digits app because it is the only app i have installed on two different phones and they both make the alert sound at the exact same times.

I have already checked notfication settings and NOTHING is set to only make sound alerts, but no other such as icon or push notification.


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Ah, okay. Sorry about my confusion. I get what you mean now. Can you reply to my private message? I'll work on getting this escalated to have this looked at further. Thank you!

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Wow, that's really misleading to get just the sound and no message @magenta1862282 . When you open on the DIGITS app, do you see any messages there? Or, is the issue that you don't get the lock screen notifications, but messages still appear in the app? Please let us know. This is a strange one but we wanna get this fixed for you. Thanks!

Only the sounds occur.  There are no messages anywhere to be found.  No notification messages, and when opening the app there are no messages to be reviewed.  It hasn't seem to do this in the last 2-3 days, but will continue to monitor.

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Hmm, strange. So, prior to these last 2-3 days, you were getting messages just fine on these devices? What phones are you using by the way? Which one is the main device?

Receiving messages has not been an issue that I am aware of.  I have received all messages that I have expected just fine.  The issue I was reporting was that the Digits app was sounding alerts as if I were receiving messages, however when I would go to look at my phone, there would be nothing to review.  No notification messages, and when opening the app, no new messages were there to be read.  This happened for a few days last week, then stopped for a few days, then did so again a couple of days later when I reported this issue.

I am using an iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.  The plus is the main device and the only phone with the line activated at the moment.  I inactivated the Digits line in the iPhone 7 phone.

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Ah, okay. Sorry about my confusion. I get what you mean now. Can you reply to my private message? I'll work on getting this escalated to have this looked at further. Thank you!

@tmo_chris​   I am also having the same issue.    I turned off notifications for all apps, then one by one turned them back on.   It's my Digits app/notifications.   It's like "ghosting"  It plays the iphone tri-tone notification (sometimes 10 times in a row) but there are no incoming calls or texts to my Digits number.     I turned notifications off to get my sanity back, but would love to know if there is a fix.   I have Digits App Version 1.0.40  running in iPhone ios version 10.3.2

Thanks in advance! 

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Hey @magenta1855209​I have the exact same set up and have not seen this specific issue. I totally agree that many notification sounds would be maddening and don't blame you for turning them off. Can you please try completely uninstalling DIGITS and then re installing it to see if the issue persists?

I AGAIN am having this issue. Yesterday the digits app updated to 1.0.40 and after doing that I received a TON of sound notifications over the course of an hour or so, yet there were NO new messages.  Its almost like it was sending an alert from previous messages perhaps, I don’t know. By the issue continues to exist. It wasn’t happening until the update though, so I’m wondering if it’s only an issue each time a new update goes out?

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Sorry to hear that @magenta1862282 😥 Could you also do an uninstall/reinstall and let me know if it persists?

I will not uninstall again. I already did this last time I reported the issue.  Again, I feel this is only an issue when a new release comes out. It seems like a ghost sound notification might be occurring for each message received since the previous update, as the issue eventually ceases and doesn’t occur anymore. 

I have exact same issue with Digits App on iPhone - 6s Plus with latest iOS and latest Digits app.

I just receive the sound but no notification popping up, just random sounds.

Uninstall/ Install did not work. Frustrating.

Is there a resolution for this issue ?

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Hey @magenta2188098

How often are you getting these notifications? Do they eventually stop like @magenta1862282 described?

@ @tmo_chris- Not sure, if you got my issue right.

Here is the issue I have - For all incoming text/ any alert, Digits app just plays sound but no notification popping up. No notification like Badge icon, no notification Banner, no notification on Notification center.

As notification is not showing up, unknowingly I have to often open the Digits app to check if I have missed any text/ voicemail/ any other alert which is really frustrating.

Digits app is not doing what it supposed to do at least on my iphone.

Again this is happening on iPhone - 6s Plus with latest iOS and latest Digits app. All notification settings are on, Background refresh is ON but still no notification.

@tmo_chris​   Same thing.  I uninstalled, and reinstalled.    I'll get no notification, sound or banner.  (but when I actually open the app to make a call, i see that I've had missed calls and texts)   Then 4-6 hours later (usually early evening) I'm then getting a flood of sounds.. but still no notifications.   And there are no additional missed calls or messages since I checked earlier in the day.

***On a side note.    The past 6 -12 months I have noticed on the regular T-Mobile network, when I am in a group chat, it can take 30 min for the texts to catch up to me.  And when they finally do, i get 20+ texts all at once.    I only mention it because the flurry of notification beeps we hear with the digits app reminds me of when the group chat texts finally come in all at once.  So maybe this is a t-mobile system issue and not isolated only to DIGITS.   Just guessing....

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@magenta2188098 Thanks for clarifying. Your issue seems more of an app issue. Since the sound and banner settings can be toggled individually, I just want to triple check.

Please go to Settings > Digits  > Notifications - Here you should have the toggle switch set to on.

If it is on, you will have 4 more toggles that you can adjust including the alert style. You will want to make sure that the option for Banners or Alerts has is selected.

@magenta1855209 So your issue seems more coverage related as you are not getting notifications for a period of time then having them all flood in at once. This also explains the issue you are having with delayed group messages. Are you typically connected to Wi-Fi most of the time with your phone or are you using the T-Mobile network? If you are using the T-Mobile network, how many bars of signal does your phone show that you have on average?

@tmo_chris​ - On the Settings you wanted to triple check, I have checked it multiple times and its all "ON" but still not notification popping up / showing up, all I receive is just sound.

Check the attached screenshots of settings on my phone for Digits app.

Again I just receive sound but no notification popping up / showing up.

Hope these info helps to isolate/ fix the issue.

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Thanks for checking that again. I am going to send you a private message so we can get a ticket sent up for this.

I get the ghost notification on my iphone everytime I delete a voicemail from the Mac app. Very annoying.