DNS64/NAT64 support on T-Mobile

  • 14 June 2018
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I'm using a cellular module to connect to a service that only has a IPv4 address. On my module I only get a IPv6 address, does T-Mobile support DNS64, NAT64 so that my application can communicate with service?

5 replies


Try Secure DNS, DNS Over HTTPS


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Hi, hi! Just wanted to touch base here once more and see how things are going. Were you able to follow the advice smply gave above? Thanks for keeping us posted! 😊

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smply gave some awesome advice! Have you had a chance to change IP modes like he suggested?


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You should be able to put your device in IPv4/IPv6 mode -- or IPv4 only mode in order to do this.

Some folks have said services like VPN aren't working because they're getting an IPv6 address on their device and the service only supports IPv4.  Their solution has been the dual mode or IPv4 mode, depending on your preference.

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Hey there! What kind of phone are you using?