Does T-Mobile CellSpot work with Mint Mobile?

  • 23 April 2020
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My neighborhood has T-Mobile coverage, but it is very poor.  I am currently a Verizon customer who plans to switch to Mint Mobile, and I want to get a T-Mobile CellSpot I can connect to the LAN at my house.  Can I expect my Mint Mobile service to be compatible with the T-Mobile CellSpot?

Anyone have any knowledge or experience with this?  Will it work?


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3 replies

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T-Mobile CellSpots are only available through Customer Care to T-Mobile customers.

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That's right.

You'll be using the HotSpot device with the connection you get on T-Mobile's network.


  Actually, the T-Mobile Cellspots should work with Mint Mobile connected phones, or any other T-Mobile MVNO.  It turns out that others who responded are NOT Answering your question, but they are volonteering an important piece of information for you to consider.  You cannot get a T-Mobile Cellspot from T-Mobile, unless your service is with T-Mobile, not Walmart Family Mobile or any of a number of T-Mobile connected MVNOs  . You would have to be lucky enough to find one on Ebay or Craigslist to obtain it.   If you walk into a home of a T-Mobile customer who is using a T-Mobile cellspot and you have a T-Mobile MVNO, your service will be superb , helped by the Cellspot.