Does T-Mobile CellSpot work with Mint Mobile?

  • 23 April 2020
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My neighborhood has T-Mobile coverage, but it is very poor.  I am currently a Verizon customer who plans to switch to Mint Mobile, and I want to get a T-Mobile CellSpot I can connect to the LAN at my house.  Can I expect my Mint Mobile service to be compatible with the T-Mobile CellSpot?

Anyone have any knowledge or experience with this?  Will it work?


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4 replies

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T-Mobile CellSpots are only available through Customer Care to T-Mobile customers.

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That's right.

You'll be using the HotSpot device with the connection you get on T-Mobile's network.


  Actually, the T-Mobile Cellspots should work with Mint Mobile connected phones, or any other T-Mobile MVNO.  It turns out that others who responded are NOT Answering your question, but they are volonteering an important piece of information for you to consider.  You cannot get a T-Mobile Cellspot from T-Mobile, unless your service is with T-Mobile, not Walmart Family Mobile or any of a number of T-Mobile connected MVNOs  . You would have to be lucky enough to find one on Ebay or Craigslist to obtain it.   If you walk into a home of a T-Mobile customer who is using a T-Mobile cellspot and you have a T-Mobile MVNO, your service will be superb , helped by the Cellspot.

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While you can purchase a used T-Mobile cell spot online from places such as eBay, there is no guarantee you can activate it.  T-Mobile is the only company who can activate one and, unless you or someone you know is a specific T-Mobile customer, I am not sure whether T-Mobile would activate it for you.


That being said, if you get one that is already activated, it should work for you.  However, there is no guarantee it will continue to work indefinitely.  Should the party selling it disconnect their service with T-Mobile, it might get deactivated somewhere down the line.