• 25 March 2020
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I think my Hotspot on my phones have slowed down....can i just take out the sim n put it in a hotspot device will it work better...trying to find hotapot device since most wifi wont reach around where i stay...or is their a booster for hotspot...i mean i got 4g n full bars full


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3 replies

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We do have some steps you can take on our Internet and data issues | T-Mobile Support page. You should start there and see if that helps.

I want my hotspot to work awesome since i use it for online gaming

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I've heard of some folks trying to use hotspot data for gaming, but we don't encourage that. It's landline internet is going to give you the better experience especially for console gaming. We can help further if you're connected to a computer, but we'd still only be able to make sure you're getting around the estimated speeds based on your connection.