Hotspot no longer working - grandfathered $19.99 unlimited internet vpn addon

  • 11 December 2019
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I have been a T-Mobile customer for 20 years back when it was called Voicestream. I have a grandfathered NW Get More w/Nts plan $39.99 with a unlimited internet vpn data plan addon $19.99. This addon has the following details on your website "Unlimited access to T-Mobile Internet on an Internet 3 connection for VPN or other applications."

I have an iPhone 7 and hotspot used to be working. However recently I tried using the mobile hotspot and although my laptop connected to the phone, I got no internet connection.

I have verified that my laptop can connect to the phone hotspots of other colleagues, so I know the issue is not the laptop. I am also able to access internet directly from my phone. The problem is only the tethering / hotspot.

I opened a ticket # 26045929 om 12/6 by calling T-Mobile customer service. There also seems to be another ticket # 42622277 opened as well.

Reps I talk to can't even find info about my grandfathered plan and addon and keep on trying to move me to more expensive plans with more limited data caps. I average around 25GB of data per month but have reached 32GB at the peak.

Can anyone please help me fix my existing plan? I also tried checking using the T-Mobile app, but for some reason, the app account page doesn't even show my main plan, but instead shows a secondary number (not my phone) associated with an iPad free data for life addon.

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