Hotspot stopped working on second device with shared number via DIGITS

  • 4 March 2020
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Hello:  I have an iPhone that I have used to hotspot my MacBook.  I recently got a second phone that also supports hot spotting.  I used DIGITS to share my old number with the second phone.  The second phone worked as a hotspot for about 20 minutes, then the hotspot stopped working and despite multiple reboots etc it no longer works.  Is there a way to get the hotspot working on both devices so I don't have to always bring my iPhone with me if I need to hotspot?


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3 replies

One other thing - the old iPhone still works fine as a hotspot.  It's just the new phone that stopped working.

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I found this discussion that says Hotspot isn't included in our DIGITS plans. The only workaround I can think of is to change the phone plan from DIGITS to a regular plan with it's own number, then you can download the DIGITS app to get your 1st phone number working on it.

Thank you tmo_ian.  That explains everything.  It doesn't work because that's not included in the plan!  Would be interesting for the marketing folks to consider adding the capability at some point - we know it can work technically...