how do i block directory assistance on one phone

  • 10 October 2021
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My mother has the beginning of dementia and is calling 411 over and over again  on the cell I got for her. How do I block directory assistance on that phone

4 replies

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Try content blocking.

I have the same issue.   My mom called over 1000 times in two months, accruing $3000 in charges.  After two calls and four and a half hours on the phone with T-Mobil, they finally agreed to credit about $800.  So my 84 year old mother is on the hook for the rest.  And they cannot tell me how to block 411 calls from her phone. Thanks T-Mobil!  Taking advantage of the elderly looks great for you guys.  18 years with Sprint/T-Mobile doesn't seem to mean much.

I found IT!  At least my Mom’s charges were only $6.54 BUT, I can see it getting worse with her dementia.  You will have to pay $5 a month, but it’s worth it for piece of mind.  Go to Family Allowances and all the info is there to block any OUTGOING numbers and all sorts of other tools to help manage an older person’s phone, just as you would a teen.

I learned something about 411 charges. You will be charged for calls to government offices as a 411 charge, when the call is a direct dial. When my mother call her local water department to pay her bill each month, it shows as a 411 call and charges $2.99 to the T-Mobile account. I have never has this happen with other services, including Metro PCS.