How does Drive calculate mileage (mpg)?

The miles per gallon calculated by the drive app is way too high. Probably about 8 to 10 mpg better than the car is actually getting. Is there a way to correct this?


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Hey, @challengergt​!

Wouldn't that be nice if your car was actually getting that many more MPG? I know that I'd be stoked! 😉 Is it safe to say that based upon your username you're driving a Dodge Challenger GT? If not, what make/model of car is reporting incorrect gas mileage? Lastly, did this just start or has the app been reporting incorrect MPG for awhile?

Yes it is a 2018 Dodge Challenger GT. Have had the car less than a month and the app has been reporting incorrect gas mpg since I put it in. I did switch it from my previous vehicle but it does recognize that it is in a Dodge challenger.

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Thanks for getting back to me, @challengergt​! Did you reset the SyncUp device after transferring it to your new car?  If not, give that a shot following these steps and let me know if that fixes the reporting of inaccurate MPG.

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Hey, @challengergt​!

Just wanted to swing by to see if you've had a chance to reset your SyncUp device over the weekend. If so, is the MPG now accurate? Or is it still being miscalculated?

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Sorry to be constantly checking up, @challengergt​, but I want to make sure you're set. Are you still having issues with the reported MPG on your Challenger?

Hi, thanks for checking with me. It is the same after device reset and software reset. Still calculates mpg high.

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Yikes! Thanks for walking through those steps; I'm sorry that they didn't improve the situation! In this instance, we'll need you to Community-2153​ over the phone and work with our Tech team so that we can file something called a Mojio escalation -- this will report the inconsistency up so that engineers can take a look! Please make sure to let the person you work with know what troubleshooting steps you've completed already; we don't want to ask you to run through this twice!

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