How good/accurate is the SyncUp device? Is it worth purchasing?

  • 4 April 2017
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I'm thinking about purchasing the SyncUp Device, but was wondering if it's worth paying.

3 replies

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Happy Thursday, @first_mp!

I'm pro SyncUp! I previously had OnStar for my SUV and paid a hefty penny for it. SyncUp practically has the same exact features that I was paying for with my specific OnStar plan. Plus, the data rates are so much better with T-Mobile. It's one heck of a deal when you look at all of the features you gain access to. Some of my favorites are the in-car WiFi, the ability to transfer to another vehicle that's compatible, and then all of the vehicle data you have access to on your phone.

If you're wanting some customer input, a few users have shared their thoughts on SyncUp here. I have found my SyncUp device to be pretty spot-on location-wise. I haven't done a ton of out-of-state traveling since I've had this device but I'm pretty darn happy with how it's performing.

Do you have any specific questions about the SyncUp plans or any of the features?

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Hi there, @first_mp‌.  We just wanted to check in and see if you had any additional questions about SyncUp that we could help out with!  We're here if you need us - just ask!

- Marissa

I am taking a vacation this fall, travelling from Oklahoma to the Grand Canyon, and back. I am renting a 2020 Suburban with all the bells and whistles however the rental agent was adament the car cannot be configured for WIFI use. It (car) will use everything on the phone to update it’s features, however.

My wife and I both have Iphone 11s and IPADs and will want to access the internet when we aren’t driving. I have seen the hotspot devices for sale, yet my phone already has a token amount of hotspot data authorized. 

DO I need one of these hotspot devices, or will my phone/IPAD be able to access the internet with an just an upgraded T-Mobile plan?  I’ll only need this service for two weeks.

I wonder if in mountainous or remote areas if I will be able to access any WIFI signal regardless of the plan or equipment I have, and just what the easiest/smartest way to go about this might be.

Thanks in advance.