Losing data when on H or H+

  • 27 August 2016
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Today anytime my phone showed H or H+ the data connection was basically useless. It would just keep stalling trying to pull down anything,  or to upload anything.


It's worked ok before.


This is on a Samsung s7 edge in San Francisco

8 replies

You wouldn't happen to be near an event, like a high school football game or anything? If you have a good signal but data doesn't seem to work, it could be due to network congestion.

nope - no event - plus this happened in various areas around san francisco. And there was no problem when the phone was showing 4G - only when it was showing H or H+.

I can only offer a couple theories:

1) For some reason there was a problem with the LTE on the site (tower) you were using and all the phones on that sector had to be handled by HSPA, which overloaded  the capacity of the sector.

2) T-Mobile is converting some of their 20 MHz of PCS (band 2) spectrum in the Bay Area from HSPA to LTE, thereby depreciating their HSPA, in favor of LTE. This reduces the capacity of the available HSPA signal.

How often does your phone fall back to H? I would think that in your area it should be a rather rare event.

when i am driving around SF i can get H/H+ fairly often. I didn't really pay too much attention since up until yesterday it worked ok on H/H+

I don't think i hit any spots that were under H today so I'm not sure if the problem is still there or not.

That's interesting. The only times I see H any more is when I'm inside some building where LTE doesn't reach. (I'm in an area without 700 MHz LTE.)

There are some members of this forum who live in the Bay Area and would be better qualified than I am to comment on what you are experiencing.

I dont know if it matters but I'm using the international version of the s7 edge

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Hey there! Are you still having issues with your data speeds chugging when you are in an H area? Looking at the G935F (international model number) specs, it has the capability of connecting to our frequencies. If this is only happening in specific areas, there could be something going on with the local towers. As @drnewcomb2‌ suggested, network congestion could cause the phone to act like this. If you reach out to our tech support team here, we can take a closer look at your areas to see what is going on.

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Hey merkkk,

Is this still going on? If so, did you already get a chance to talk with our tech support team?