Mobile hotspots

  • 11 April 2021
  • 2 replies


I'm in need of a mobile hotspot that has unlimited data and highest speeds Full Time!  

My fianceé is work from home and is being allowed to go mobile and  travel with my in RV across the US three or four months per year, as long as she has dependable fast internet. 

We plan to stay in places that have WiFi available such ad RV Parks and businesses that I must frequent for my travels. A Hotspot and wireless data plan will be a must for those facilities that are not fast enough or very weak. 

We also are looking at WiFi Extenders or boosters as a way to use existing available WiFi. 

We are currently Android T Mobile users and plan to stay that way. 

What's our best bet for products and plans?  Thanks in advance. 

2 replies

We live in a remote area with limited internet access. We also travel in our RV several months of the year. In July 2021, we purchased the Alcatel LINKZONE 2 4G LTE HOTSPOT from T-Mobile for $90. The cost per billing period is $50 for 100GB of data. So far it is working well and providing us with internet access for the laptop and Roku. We haven’t tried it on the road yet in our RV, but I am counting on it working well wherever there is good T-Mobile service. Hope this helps…


I just signed up to use my existing Winegard Gateway GW-1000 with T-Mobile. The Winegard setup provides me with external antennas, and I hope that improves signal quality. Plus it keeps everything on my 12 volt system, avoiding inverter use. I’m getting 50GB for $50. I will see how well that works in October during a three week multi-state trip.