Need charging cable for SyncUp Tracker

  • 15 July 2021
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Long story short -- dog chewed up charging cable for my new SyncUp Tracker, can;t find replacement.

Not listed among charging accessories on T-Mobile site, not found on eBay, etc. using Internet search.

I know this is a CoolPad rebranded tracker of some sort, no luck searching their website, no similar model exists.

Cable is magnetic, has 5 pins and all I’ve found online under CoolPad brand only have 4 pins.


5 replies

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Oh that’s super rough. My dogs do things like that too. I’d try checking with Geotab’s site or support team. They may have an idea on a charger replacement.


We bought the 4 pin charge cable from Ebay and it works fine.  Charging only uses 2 pins and maybe the other pins are to program or update firmware on Tracker.  Does not seem to be any other source.


It's the same as the "coolpad" look on eBay or amazon. Easy to find if you know what to call it :)


Google search:  coolpad "tracker" charging cable

I found:




I also purchased the Coolpad OG charger at  It charges🔋just like the TMobile OEM.