Need charging cable for SyncUp Tracker

  • 15 July 2021
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Long story short -- dog chewed up charging cable for my new SyncUp Tracker, can;t find replacement.

Not listed among charging accessories on T-Mobile site, not found on eBay, etc. using Internet search.

I know this is a CoolPad rebranded tracker of some sort, no luck searching their website, no similar model exists.

Cable is magnetic, has 5 pins and all I’ve found online under CoolPad brand only have 4 pins.


4 replies


Google search:  coolpad "tracker" charging cable

I found:




It's the same as the "coolpad" look on eBay or amazon. Easy to find if you know what to call it :)


We bought the 4 pin charge cable from Ebay and it works fine.  Charging only uses 2 pins and maybe the other pins are to program or update firmware on Tracker.  Does not seem to be any other source.

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Oh that’s super rough. My dogs do things like that too. I’d try checking with Geotab’s site or support team. They may have an idea on a charger replacement.