NetGear device compatability

  • 10 May 2018
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I've got a NetGear AirCard 770S WIFI device from  AT&T. It's unlocked & I'm wondering if the T-Mobile network SIM is compatible with it.


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5 replies

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Wow! I just looked up that device and it is pretty fancy! From checking out the specs, it'll be able to utilize our 700 mHz network. However, I'm not sure if this device is able to be unlocked from AT&T. If it can't be unlocked, it will not work with our network. You'll want to double-check our coverage map to see what frequencies are available in the areas you need.

Yes, it’s already unlocked. Our daughter is a T-Mobile sales associate here in Wichita KS. Thanks again.

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Perfect! That's awesome that you have the inside connection. 😊 Thanks for following back up with us.

What SIM card are you using with the Netgear? I have tried 2 different sim cards from tmobile and I am not able to get the cards recognized/

Did you ever solve this problem?  I have a 770S, an unlock code, and a T-Mobile SIM card, but the 770S is reporting four alerts:

- Sim Failure - Please ensure you are using a SIM provided by your network provider.  If there is still a problem, contact your network provider

- No Network Found - Please go to the Unite manager at to selecdt a network or change to Auto

- Unspecified Alert - Device has generated an alert but it is of an unknown type

- Mobile Broadband Disconnected - Your connection is disconnected. Connect

I never get to the point of inputting the unlock code.

Strangely, I've tried two sim cards, both of which work in my 779S.