Problems downloading apps and streaming video.

  • 10 April 2016
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So I was able to download apps and watch youtube on a different wifi network but since connecting to ZTE Falcon My web browsing has been crawling, I am unable to download any apps through Google play store. It will say "downloading" but progress bar never moves past 1%. Also no matter where I try to stream a video I get "Sorry this video cannot be played." I called T-Mobile tech support and the girl said I had 2GB max data that I exceeded so upgraded me to 10 GB. My data bucket just reset today and I restarted my devices but problem,continues. I can not find any similar ocxurrences through web search so I hope to find a solution here. Thanks, KJ


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4 replies

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Do you have your device set to WiFi only for certain functions? Has your speed improved after the reset?


Hi Lauren. After my new cycle began and I upgraded my data limit, it's

resolved my issue. I forgot to mention this.

Thanks for checking in with me!

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I'm so glad it is resolved! 😊


I have an important app I need but I only get “pending” which continues without end