Setting up multiple Sync Up Drive Wi-Fi's for a business?

  • 2 November 2018
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I know someone who is trying to setup multiple SyncUp Drive's (8 of them) for the hotspot, but only want to use their 1 cell phone to set them all up.

When they setup the 1st sync up drive from their phone and work on the 2nd one, it says this number has already been registered.

How can they setup all 8 device hotspots on sync up drive from her 1 phone?


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3 replies

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With the SyncUP drive app, you can add up to 24 devices. The SyncUP DRIVE app will automatically detect any new car that the SyncUP Drive device is plugged into. If it is not automatically detecting, you may want to try these steps to manually add the other devices.

In the app, tap the menu icon with three lines or settings gear.

Tap Cars > Add New Car.

If prompted, choose if this is an existing or new SyncUP DRIVE device.

To activate a new device, scan the QR code located on the device or box.

You can also tap Enter code manually to add by the 15 digit IMEI number.

(The SyncUP DRIVE device can be used in multiple cars, but it can only be connected to one SyncUP DRIVE account at a time.)

Plug the SyncUP DRIVE device into your car and start it.

Begin driving the car for up to 10 minutes while the device registers to the cellular network.

Once connected, the app will record the make/model of the car and VIN number.

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Checking in here to see if you still had any questions or concerns on this.

Can you allow multiple logins to see the same list of vehicles?