Sharing syncup drive with family

  • 9 January 2019
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I just installed the syncup drive devices in my car and my wife's too. I set up everything ok on my phone and I am getting information from both devices on my phone. I am trying to sign in using my wife's phone but it keep saying the telephone number and password do not match despite it being the same account. How do I sort this out?


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7 replies

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Thanks for reaching out!

Are you trying to use the same login info as your account? Have you tried exploring the reset option?


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Hey, @mafioso61​!

Were you able to get your wife's phone signed into the SyncUp app yet? Please keep us posted if you're still seeing the same error message.

Yes I did. Disappointing though that with 48 hours the device is no longer

sending any notifications, nor showing trip history, or car disturbances!

Means we have unplug and plug-in every day? Done that twice already.

Yes i did. But device is sporadic. Have to unplug and plug... disappointed!

Will observe for another week and return if no improvement

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Hmph. Something's not adding up. We may need to get a ticket filed to have this looked into if you're still having issues. To have a ticket filed on your behalf, you'll need to Community-2153​.


Am I able to share my SyncUp Drive with another person who has a SyncUp drive for another car? My brother is using my car and he has one on his car too but when he tries to scan the IME to add my car to his, it says my car has already been claimed..