slow hotspot

  • 10 August 2018
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I just added Mobile One to my account for a tablet.  When I connect to the internet download speed is ONLY:


Mbps download


Mbps upload

Why am I paying SO MUCH?  I was advised by TMobile to use their tablet as a tether for internet.  What's the point?  Dial up is faster!!! Now I can't even access my account as TMobile account access suddenly went down earlier today and has not been fixed!!!

3 replies

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Those are some super slow speeds! Were your speeds slow before you made changes to your plan? What speeds are you getting on the tablet itself without tethering?

I have the same issue,  Hot spot speed is a joke via my Iphone.  I bought a tablet too on the recommendation of T-Mobile.  It was too slow so I bought an AT&T Netgear hotspot and moved the SIM.  It worked good for about a year.  I was getting 30 MB down.  Then it drooped to 12 but still better then the phone.  Then it stooped working at all.  Turns out T-mobile blocked this device from their network.  Kind of a carrier thing to do. guess I’ll take my AT&T hotspot to AT&T and reactivate it.  Maybe ill move all my phones.  I like T-Mobile but there are still coverage holes in areas AT&T works and now this Hotspot is worthless.