Sync Drive critical battery

  • 23 September 2017
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I am an employee of T-mobile. I purchased the sync up drive for my own personal use. During the 2nd week, it kept telling me that my battery was low, and failing. A couple of days later I had to have my alternator replaced which cost me $450.00.

Since my issue, i have come across other customers that have returned this device.One customer said she was getting the same battery failing message. Another customer returned her device after she too,had to get her alternator replaced. By no means am I saying the sync up drive is causing this. But I am suggesting that there may be a correlation between these battery issues and the sync up drive device. How do I look into this?


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27 replies

I had a 1.5 year old battery on my Buick Enclave when I started using SyncUp drive. After few weeks I found my car battery dead in the morning. I jump started it. After few weeks it happened again, but this time i could not revive the battery, and the roadside assistance guy tested it and said it w discharged beyond the level it could be brought back to life.

I got a new battery installed 6 months ago. Since then I called the roadside assistance at least 3 times for them to jumpstart my new battery.

I am fed up with this. 10 minutes ago I called T-Mobile and got my SyncUp Drive line disconnected.

I'm having the same issues after several months having it installed.  I also have exterior and interior lights coming on and off randomly with Noone near the vehicle.   Two days in a row with critical battery warning.  I've unplugged the device and intend to return it and cancel the extra line charge.  My mechanic is positive it's this device.  All systems check out fine with the device removed.  I noticed that these low battery warnings have also been associated with fantom headlight and interior lights on when I go out to check on it.  Phantom light activation stopped upon removing the device.  This device needs to be recalled as unfit for its purpose!