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  • 13 December 2021
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We just purchased 2, SAM A32 5G.  I’m still attempting to figure it out; but, is there a way to make it so when we are away from home and I delete mail from my phone it also deletes it from my home computer?  But, also keeps it deleted from the phone when I go back in the next time to check emails.  I’m sure I must be missing something; but, for the life of me I can’t figure it out.

It’s not a ‘fun’ thing to come home after being gone for 2 weeks or longer and still have all the emails to go through and try to remember which ones I really did want to keep.

Thanks for ANY assistance to this issue.  This time around I’m trying to make use of what the phone has to offer.

Don’t know what ‘SyncUP and ioT means… Don’t know what ‘tags’ to use either


3 replies

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Have you tried refreshing the browser? If you deleted them from the phone they will delete from the computer after refreshing at least they do on my Gmail and outlook accounts


That did work just now when I refreshed the browser.  I will try it tomorrow when I’m away from the computer and see if it works when I get back home.  

When we leave for a period of time I turn off the computer; then, turn it on when we return.  You’d think that’d do the same thing since I’m starting it up fresh from being turned off.  I will make a note of that ‘fix’ and see how it goes when I leave the computer on; and, if I turn it off.

Thanks so much.

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I always have a tab opened at work for my email. When I check my email on my phone and delete any messages and go back to my computer a refresh will always fix the messages I deleted.