Sync Up Issues: Critical Battery

  • 12 September 2017
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I have a Sync Up Drive I purchased back in April and it's been working fine in my car up until about a week ago. About every few days I was getting a critical battery notification but every time I checked the app or even the graph of my battery reading, the line was well above the low indicator and it did not have a low battery reading in the voltage reading either. I took my car to a mechanic to double check the battery and everything and he said it was all good there as well. Is there a reason for the device to keep giving me a low battery notification when all else is fine? My car is only a year old (purchased last year) so these kinds of things are just a little irritating to deal with in the Sync Up.


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I actually had the same exact issue with my SyncUP drive a few months about but it all the sudden stopped telling me my battery was bad so I didn't think much of it. If the app is continually giving you false readings, we will need to send up an escalation to Mojio to have this looked at. Please Contact Us when you have a spare minute so we can get this started for you.

I am a store manager and had bought a SyncUP to better explain the benefits and demo the device to customers. Since I’ve been using it the past month, I’ve had to replace a battery, ($260) have my car jumped 4 Times, and now my battery is going out again. I hope I don’t have to replace an alternator and a lot of other parts unnecessary from this product. If so, I think a reimbursement should be coming from somewhere to all of us who have had to replace parts because of the device. I don’t sell these anymore and until I know a definite answer to whether it’s coincidence or if we have a real battle then I’m not going to be using the device anymore either.

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Hey @rsmindustrial​,

I am so sorry to hear that you have been having car troubles since using the SyncUp. I also purchased a SyncUp just so I could better speak to the device when working with customers. With the issues that you have been having, I would strongly recommend that you contact us so that our support teams can send an escalation ticket up to Mojio which is the dev team of the app. If anyone will be able to see exactly what is going on, it is going to be them.

I've pretty much stopped using my sync up because of critical battery issues/errors from the app and after being told I should do a warranty replacement for $20 (which is pretty much half the cost of the device) I've just stopped using it altogether because its pretty useless now. While I liked having the hotspot in my car and having my battery checked out (my car is only about 2 years old) I just got sick of all the notifications and worry that the device may have been draining my battery itself.

Customer support was never really helpful for this issue for me - even after attempting to get tickets, multiple escalations and "how can we fix this" I was just told my device was probably defective and I would have to fork out another $20 for a replacement which just was not worth it to me. The Sync Up has such great potential but ultimately was not worth it to me.

I had the same issues even to the point of it running the battery down making it hard to start.  I complained enough to get a free replacement a few months ago, but it is starting to do the same thing.  I've had it make ghost trips too where the van is in the garage with no one in it/driving and it does like a replay of a previous trip saying the trip started, driving up the road where we wait for the bus, then returning and parking in the garage and we are all in the living room with the van never turning on.  It still has my previous device parked at the shell up the road too even though I reset and disconnected it in the garage before returning it...when I try to remove it the app claims it is still plugged in and active and doesn't allow it.  The day the last Daylight Savings shift happened it said we were in the Congo all day Sunday then the next day we were back in the garage.  I really wish they would just refund this thing and let me put the SIM card in another device- Online claims unlimited minutes and texts, and it has a phone number, but no way of getting the text messages. I'd rather just use the plan in something else than ruin my van.

I too have the erroneous critical battery notification regularly. In addition, I routinely am notified of OBD codes, and am advised to immediately seek a mechanic. I’ve done that twife only to be told that there is no fault or record of a fault in the car memory.

I wish Tmobile would remove the OBD and battery notifications since they do not work. A glance here tells me its a widespread issue...

So, there is something definitely going on with the sync up drives. I have had two cars, one a BMW and another a Mazda. I place the Sync up drive in a 09 BMW. Rode it for a couple of months, and then the battery died and sensors in the car fried. Went to pep boys, replaced the battery, they re did the sensors, and then everything was fine. I never put the sync up drive back in the car. I ended up selling the car and I left the device in the glove compartment. So I liked the sync up drive, and I got a new one. Got a new certified pre-owned Mazda. It was a 2013 CX5. I put the sync up drive in the car and drove it for a couple of months. Woke up one more and the battery is dead. I didn't put two and two together. I thought, maybe it was the original battery and I bought a new one. But I didn't put the sync up drive in the car with the new battery. Three weeks ago or so, I saw my sync up drive in my glove compartment. I was like, oh man, I need to install that. I installed it again that day. Today the battery is dead. I just talked to support on the phone. Something is up guys, and it isn't good. I have the records from pep boys and the shop I just took it to today.

Good morning,

I am currently posting on this thread due to the fact that, I have purchased two sync drive devices in the past year. I added them to my BMW and Honda, Originally my concern was the notifications of disturbances were really slow. Then this past year soon after i connected the device to my BMW my vehicle died on me and would not turn on, my alternator and battery died, i did not think anything of it. I traded my BMW in for a Toyota highlander that same week of the malfunction. At this point friends and family suggested it might be the Sync drive, I looked past the comments. Sure enough this past December my Honda civic began to have electrical problems starting my vehicle, battery was recently new, and i also had to replace my alternator and starter at the same time. I have been maintaining my vehicle well, and this was unfortunate. The reason why i am writing this comment due to the fact that my vehicle needs to be inspected by today, and sure enough when i take it to the Inspection location they are unable to initiate the inspection due to my car not being able to turn on unless the Sync drive is connected. I contacted the T mobile support number and no one has answers for me, at this point I have lost my patience and am frustrated being that i have been paying for this service and devices and both of my cars that i utilized these devices on, have had issues that are in fact costly. I really need answers, I looked past all the trouble shooting aspects of the device being that i can live with minor, but having my second vehicle die on me this is outrageous and i refused to let this go without any answered or clarity.