Sync-Up Keeps Adding New Cars, Merging Deletes Previous History, Why?

  • 3 September 2018
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I am about fed up with this thing. I did a merge on one of my two cars and ended up losing all the previous history of the car I had set up. There was no explanation given as to what data would be lost. Now I am afraid to try a merge with the other car.

The second and most annoying problem now is when the device is unplugged and plugged back in a New Car is added. Why is this happening and is there any way to prevent it?


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4 replies

Now this is interesting. I am replying to add to my post. The wife just started up her car and took to a trip. I got a notification showing her car started a trip. Normal. But, the app now shows the correct cars, mine and hers and the new car that was added is now not showing. Now this comes to mind that disconnecting and reconnecting the battery due to my cleaning the holder and connectors, without starting the car caused the previous new car add to show when I only turned the ignition on and off. So, what have we learned here. Always start the car if power to the battery is disconnected and reconnected to get things back to normal?!

I am missing one feature I liked on the Verizon Hum unit and app. It allowed you to set maintenance reminders and alerts such as oil changes and tire rotations.If this one feature was added to Sync-Up I could highly recommend it. Also, I was only paying $10 a month for Hum, why should I be paying $15 for Sync-Up and it is lacking a helpful feature?

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The Merge Cars option is to clear the data for a duplicate car in the event the app creates a copy of an existing vehicle. It's not designed to combine 2 different cars' history. (If that's what you're trying to do.)

As for the feature suggestion, we do appreciate that. I don't have any info that'll be something it'll have in the future, but we do appreciate the feedback you're giving us.

Sorry to disappoint you sir, but I just did a merge and it did not delete the history of the original car. It works as designed now as it should. At least we are getting somewhere with this app and all. Now, if they could just make it stop adding new cars when you unplug and plug the module. That would be awesomeness.

Coming to this from the Sprint drive is a disappointment... we could set reminders... get notifications for bumps or or hits... we could customize so much more on the sprintdrive this device is limited in comparison. The device took so much time to activate... the application is lacking in comparison as well major updates are needed to come close to being in the same playing field. This also keeps duplicating vehicles doesnt want to let you get rid of them its very agitating