Sync Up Kids Watch not charging after April update unless rebooted

  • 18 April 2022
  • 1 reply


Last week the watch downloaded and update with no notice before hand that it was going to two days after purchasing.

That shouldn’t be allowed unless I approve it via the app for numerous reasons but anyway the bigger problem is, ever since it will not charge unless you power it off and then stick it on the charger. At that point it turns itself back on and starts charging. It’s very annoying at this point of only having had the watch a full 7 days now and having to do this for the last 4.

Anyone else having this issue and resolve it? Do I need to default it? Anyone know how to roll back the update?

1 reply



Sorry for your experience. That is not our expectation. Could you please email us at with your watch information so we can investigate and see how we can support you.


Thank you for your partnership and support.


SyncUP KIDS Watch Team