Sync Up Kids Watch Offline AGAIN

  • 1 September 2022
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For the second or third time this week, it goes offline. Anyone else??

9 replies

I am new here, have the watch for my 94 year old Mother. I thought that “pressing the side button for three seconds” would CALL 911???!!!!


I see a lot of suggestions to press the side button for a long period of time.


please let me know if the T-Mobile guys misinformed us about the way to call 911 



I'm sorry, but in a situation where you need this watch to work, requiring physical access to the device seems like an unacceptable solution. There should be a way to initiate this remotely.


Hi @Sindrix  

SyncUP KIDS Watch works in the US, Canada and Mexico. Currently, it doesn’t have international roaming. To bring the watch online, please reboot the watch by holding the power button for 20 seconds until it vibrates in an area with a good T-Mobile signal. 


Same here. Watches worked fine for 2 days. Traveled to London and they went offline. Checked airplane mode and rebooted. Nothing. TMobile is supposed to work just fine in London and over 200+ countries like they advertise.


When you see that the watch is offline in the app, please press and hold the power button on the side of the watch for 20 seconds until you hear it vibrates. It will hard restart the watch. Make sure to do it in the area with a good T-Mobile 4G signal so the watch can see the network. It should bring the watch online. 

This started happening to us now. Reset twice already in the last two weeks and it’s offline again. May have to go get a new watch.

So I did the factory reset and repaired the watch, but it takes forever and I don’t always notice.  It shouldn’t be happening almost daily! 

I just found this and tried it. Worked the first time. Watch is now back online.


To soft reset your device:

  1. When the watch is in an active state, long-press to enter the power cycle menu with options for restart, power off and SOS.
  2. When the watch is not responding, long press (more than 7 seconds) to restart the watch.

My son’s watch went offline 2 days ago. I’m still trying to find help with it. I’m going to the T-mobile store tomorrow to see what’s up. There’s does not seem to be much information available at all for this watch.