Sync-Up, Server Issue, When Will It Work Again?!?!

  • 14 February 2019
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This is not a question but a statement. I have two of these Sync-Up modules. One in each of our two cars. The first quit sending data on February 5th, was last data received. I have worked with tech support and they created a ticket for their 'engineering' department. That was last week I think on a Friday I first called. I let this go until today, Friday, February 14, 2019 and called support to see what was up. No change but I was told after a tech looked further into it saying that 'the Mojio servers were the problem'. So, this is where it seems to stand. What if anything can Mojio say about all of this? Any idea when it will be fixed? Why haven't we even been given an email or text notification that there were problems and that they were being looked into by T-Mobile? Why do I or anyone else have to call in and create a ticket? A simple text update or status would be nice.

My gut is telling me this company, Mojio, will crash and burn. Then what? This cannot keep going on like this. I expect more from a company than going on two weeks without a fix. Come on! Who is Mojio, where are they located, who runs this company? I want to give them a piece of my mind. Feel free to jump in with your comments, vents, here. I hope to update this as time goes along.

4 replies

Oh, I forgot to mention. I unplugged my one working module from my car to test the wife's module. Guess what? Now my module is not working. I get a notification that it cannot connect. So, do not unplug one that is working or you regret it! Now I have two non-working Sync-Ups.

Update: 2/14/19 @ 15:36, just got back from a drive. Now the module for my car shows working as a new connected car. That is a relief and so possibly explains that the wife's module is defective? I will have to plug hers into my car and take another drive to see what if anything happens. I have merged the new car with my original car in the app and all looks good for it again. Next update soon!

Update: 2/15/2019 @ 18:44, I plugged the wife's Sync-Up into my car and drove it around. The lights flashed, the one on the left went steady green, the one on the right just flashes green and no update on the app. It's dead for all I can tell.

I then plugged my Sync-Up back into my car and it now does exactly the same thing. So, here I am now dead in the water with these things. Still no update or word from anyone today. I will give it the weekend and then I will go to my local T-Mobile store and see what can be done. I would like to get my money back for all the payments on these two modules and cancel the monthly service charge. I am so done with this now.

I also checked the Facebook page for Mojio and there has been no activity since 2016 from that company. Over a half dozen individuals have made comments on the page. Most are beginning to think this company is out of business. I wouldn't be surprised. Even their web page is dated and I tried to click on all the links in the page and none work except the ones at the top. Clicking those doesn't do much for you. Support just refers you to T-Mobile or whoever is your vendor of the service. Seems they have or had three. Tuesday will be two weeks now without any service on my wife's Sync-Up. Not a peep from anyone what might be the trouble. All I am told is a ticket is in the engineer's queue. That was a week ago now. This is not how I would run a company. It is plainly bad for business.

Update: 2/17/2019 @ 0015, I plugged both Sync-Up modules into the respective cars yesterday and drove them around. Neither worked. I hit the 'Reset' button on the one in the wife's car while driving around but still 'dead in the water'. Nothing has changed!