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  • 30 January 2022
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I got the Synchup Tracker few months ago, and it seemed to work fine at least most of the time. About a day ago, it went offline. No matter what I did, I could not  bring it  back to ONLINE. It was fully charged as it was always connected to the charger inside the car with green LED showing fully charged.  I tried turning it off and on, by pressing the button for 5 seconds. I tried many times and it did not come out of OFFLINE status. I thought maybe I could remove the device and add it back (as I did with Samsung’s tracker many times before). I tried to add it and when I scan the QR code, it says there is something wrong with the error code 6071, and asks me to contact the customer service.  I tried the enter the IMEI manually, and the same result.  Something happened and somewhat the tracker is disabled. I tried calling and there was 45 minutes wait. I went to chat box with T-Mobile, and the person did not know much about the service, and wanted to escalate to the “experts”. I have not heard anything from them.  Has anyone had the same OFFLINE problem ? and what was the resolution ? What is error code 6071 ?  The Syncup manual is very basic and does not cover  the fault conditions.

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