SynchUp watch calls not working

  • 13 February 2022
  • 9 replies


My daughter's watch will not make or receive calls. Has anyone else experienced this. It can send/receive texts, but calls fail or when I call her the watch does nothing. Defeats the purpose of even having it. Will be returning of this isn't remedied. 

9 replies

My kids watch cannot receive or make calls. SMS, MMS and tracking are working 


I do believe it can be fixed. Could you please reach out to so we can support you offline?

Ok will do that. I called and spoke to someone and it appears that the device cannot dial my phone (mom) and vice vers ca, but it can however, call other numbers? Which is weird. Is this something I can fix?

Got it. Sorry about that. That is not our intention. Would you please go into SyncUP KIDS app and in settings (gear icon on the bottom) select report issues and report the issue. We will get some data from this and your issue and we can look into this.

Countless times. Last night, after a 35 min hold, I spoke with someone who then transferred me to an expert who then hung up on me. 

That is upsetting. Sorry about your experience. We can help fix it. Have you tried calling T-Mobile Care team about this? They can help resolve it.

My daughter’s kids watch just purchased 3 days ago, never worked so far. Can’t make calls nor text. On the app it shows but when I try calling, i get the following message: “ The number you are trying to reach is not a subscriber”. I am so over T Mobile. This is so upsetting… 4 days in now…!

Thank you for sharing your feedback. We have not heard any reports of this issue. However, would like to help. Have you called CARE for this? You have to ensure that you add contacts to the watch using the SyncUP KIDS app as only approved contacts can call or text. We would love to to help remedy this.