syncip kids, new watch not checking off tasks

  • 29 April 2022
  • 2 replies


I just got the sync up kids watch. It worked perfectly last night. This morning it will not allow my kid to check off any of the tasks.

Defeats the whole purpose of setting up reminders if it doesn't work. 

2 replies


Omg, it won't let me edit the typo in the title. 😒 Getting really feed up with TMobile apps today. 

Hi there,
Can you please shake your phone and send us a big report with the additional details of the experience. Please share with us what task(s) your kid could not check off on the watch and what time have you tried to do so. This report will also allow us to see what might be wrong with the tasks and why it may not allow you to edit the title.
Please keep in mind that the tasks cannot be checked off prior the start time but can be checked off any time after the start time. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

SyncUP KIDS Team