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  • 25 August 2022
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So here’s my full on rant/review of this 7000T1 device. I’ll be sure to keep it short and too the point. After going back and forth for my months about T-Mobiles SyncUP and Drive device. I finally decided to just go ahead and order it - I was initially interested in getting the device because of the ability to have In-Car wifi and all of the functions it could offer. So I clicked on the Vehicle Compatibility Link and entered the details for my 2014 Maserati Quattroporte GTS and even though ALL the functions of the 7000T1 weren’t available for my car enough of them were for me to proceed with placing my order. My device arrived yesterday 7/23/22 and I followed all the prompts to activate the device in addition to going on a 20 minute drive so it could read and sync with my car. I will say that I was very disappointed in the performance and abilities of the device to say the least during that timeframe and here’s why. 

  • There is several minutes lag in time before it updates my cars physical location within the app. For the first 5 mins It was showing me in a completely different state 
  • Within the “my car profile the Horsepower, Engine Type and Odometer Value are unavailable. My cars fuel grade is Premium and not Regular as the app has it listed. 
  • Within the Fuel menu window my fuel level jumped around from 1/2 a tank to 1/4 a tank of gas even though it is almost on a full tank of gas. 
  • My Cars Engine Health status windows reads “Unfortunately, this information is unavailable right now” I even performed a factory reset by pushing in the reset button on the side of device. 
  • The Battery Heath a feature that wasn’t even compatible with my car according to the website seems to be compatible after all so I guess that’s a bonus that I don’t need. 
  • Several Times throughout the night after getting back from my drive I got multiple notifications from the app that there was a disturbance with my car that was locked and parked in the middle of my 2 car attached garage with nothing in there but trash cans and some yard equipment. Not to mention that it doesn’t even state in the notification what type of disturbance is occurring. 


Other than those above mentioned complaints the wifi works as it should although it’s not 5G. If I’ve got unlimited data on all my other lines why is only given a 2GB data cap before reduced speeds? I definitely will be returning this device since I’m well within my 14 day return window and my certainly will be doing a little more research into other devices that are similar to this that actually works as it should. I personal think that T-Mobile should do some extensive testing against all makes and models of cars that this device is states it’s compatible with before stating that the device will have certain features and functionality that it doesn’t.



A Loyal 5 Year Customer w/ 6 lines of services not including this one. 

Houston, Texas. 





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