SyncUp Drive

  • 15 April 2023
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My 2014 Kia Sorento has been fine since I purchased almost 2 years ago. I got the SyncUP Drive maybe a few months ago, has been fine until this month. First: car did not want to accelerate but it did slowly and eventually got to the speed I needed to be BUT rpm was not moving at all. I left the car for 5-6 hours then started it and drive it just fine. 20 mins from home…I was a nervous wreck! Second: I drove less than a mile and noticed the 4WD Warning System Light on. I got home, turned the car off and tried to restart but it wouldn’t. Just kept making a clicking noise then the dash lights spazzed & started buzzing. I was able to shut my windows but very slowly so I left the car alone for 5-10mins then tried to start the car again and it started. Now today 4/14/23, the car turned off WHILE driving!! Will not start and it has been an hour. I’ve googled about this and found very many ppl having problems sort of related to this so I immediately unplugged the device and I hope I can start my car without getting it fixed if I do need to get anything fixed. WILL NOT USE AGAIN AND DO NOT RECOMMEND!!! I have never left a bad review but this is crazy!

1 reply

That sounds more like an alternator issue or a spark plug issue. SynUp should not impact how your vehicle runs in any way.