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  • 24 February 2018
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Both cars have not received new data for 14 hours. Status says online but drives we're not recorded it hasn't sent any new data for 14 hours. Is there a way to push or sync? Will I eventually get the trip reports?

12 replies

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Hi, @magenta3093015​! I know it's been a few days, and I'm sorry that your post wasn't picked up sooner! I wanted to check in here and see if you were still having trouble with your SyncUp. How are things going for you?

thanks for the reply.  I swapped out the sim at the Tmobile store, re-added the car and did several short drives in the vehicle and the device still failed to connect.  I called customer care and they are sending me a warranty swap for the device.  However, it suddenly connected again on Sunday and delivered some of drive data from Saturday when it said it was not connected.  It has been somewhat working the past few days but the updates are very delayed, for example, the car still shows vehicle is "driving" sometimes up to 10 minutes after the drive was completed and similar delay when a new drive is started. Not sure if this is a problem with the device or syncup service. I am hesitant to setup the new device if problem continues and then I am still out the $20 warranty swap fee after all.

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Yikes! It stinks that it's not fully back to normal. I get your concern -- if it's a network connectivity issue, then a replacement device won't solve the problem. I'm not seeing any outages with SyncUp listed at this time, though -- so hopefully the device really is the culprit here. When is your replacement supposed to arrive?

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Hey there! Have you received your replacement device yet? If so, are you still having these issues?

no I have not received the replacement device. and, yes, still having long

delays for drive detail updates

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Ahh okay, thanks for the update. Please do let us know how the new device plays out. If the delays continue, we may end up having to open an escalation with the vendor Mijio which our tech support teams can definitely do.

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Hi there!

I know it's only been a few days but have you gotten the replacement device? We really wanna see that this gets resolved for you either with the device or through an escalation. Thanks!

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Good afternoon, and happy Tuesday! Just wanted to check in here and see if the replacement SyncUp had arrived yet. 😊 I hope things are going well!

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Just wanted to check in with you again and see if there was anything we could help follow up on!



I just installed the new device and did a test drive, it seems to be

working for now. I will need a couple more days to see if data is updating

more accurately and timley, but the initial drive updates were most

definitely faster than with the old device.


I am now also having a problem with my 2nd syncup drive device. IMEI


let me know if I need to start another trouble ticket, but description of

problem is below:

This car is with my daughter at college out of state in Idaho so I have

limited access. The problem is that it is not detecting all drives for at

least the past week and the ones it has recorded, there are only 6 I have

in the app since the problem started, there is no trip route data on the

map, the trip stats are showing but the gps portion is completely missing,

it tracked all trip statistics, miles, speed, duration etc. but no trace

route on the map. both the starting and ending addresses are the same.

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Hey @magenta3093015

Sorry to hear you still having troubles with your SyncUp. It sounds like the connection is good since the trip stats are being transmitted. If it is only the GPS trace that is not working, we will definitely need to get this escalated. While we are unable to send up the escalation for you here on the support community, I will send you a private message with all the information you will need before you call our tech support teams since you have limited access to the device itself.