SyncUp Drive constant "Low oil pressure" notifications

  • 24 November 2021
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I’ve had a T-Mobile SyncUp Drive in my 2010 Toyota Prius for a few weeks.  It works well except for non-stop spamming me with notifications for “Oil Pressure Alert” : “Low oil pressure has been detected in your vehicle”.  This happens every 5-10 minutes while driving.  It makes the system fairly useless, as I have to either check a gazillion false alerts, or disable everything else useful.


I had it checked out by an actual Toyota maintenance department at a Toyota dealership.  They said they ran their own OBD scans and did multi-point inspections of anything related to oil pressure and level.  They found no problems anywhere, and their best guess is SyncUp Drive is defective / malfunctioning.


How can I troubleshoot this, and/or disable just the false Oil Pressure alerts? The app only allows you to change the following Health notifications: Check engine, Low battery, Diagnostic trouble codes, Recalls, Brake Fluid.

3 replies

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Sounds like an issue with the app. You'd be best off to call in and have a ticket opened so the developers can be notified of the issue.


Thanks, unfortunately when I try calling or chatting, I end up in an endless cycle of being connected to people who don’t know anything about SyncUP Drive other than it exists.  Promises to receive call backs or emails from someone familiar with the device, but I end up hearing nothing.  It’s pretty frustrating to buy a device I can’t get support for.


Follow-up on this: there are still no recommendations on how to solve this, and no actual diagnostics done or suggestions on where to go next.   I even reached out directly with the device manufacturer, and they responded quickly but said they aren’t permitted to help, they are required to send users through Tmobile support.