SyncUp Drive constant "Low oil pressure" notifications

  • 24 November 2021
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I’ve had a T-Mobile SyncUp Drive in my 2010 Toyota Prius for a few weeks.  It works well except for non-stop spamming me with notifications for “Oil Pressure Alert” : “Low oil pressure has been detected in your vehicle”.  This happens every 5-10 minutes while driving.  It makes the system fairly useless, as I have to either check a gazillion false alerts, or disable everything else useful.


I had it checked out by an actual Toyota maintenance department at a Toyota dealership.  They said they ran their own OBD scans and did multi-point inspections of anything related to oil pressure and level.  They found no problems anywhere, and their best guess is SyncUp Drive is defective / malfunctioning.


How can I troubleshoot this, and/or disable just the false Oil Pressure alerts? The app only allows you to change the following Health notifications: Check engine, Low battery, Diagnostic trouble codes, Recalls, Brake Fluid.

1 reply

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Sounds like an issue with the app. You'd be best off to call in and have a ticket opened so the developers can be notified of the issue.