SyncUP Drive integrates with IFTTT?

  • 25 May 2017
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Does SyncUP Drive integrate with IFTTT? There's a Mojio channel in IFTTT and I've hooked it up with to account but all my IFTTT recipes has "There was a problem with the Mojio service" and never run. I've contacted Mojio who has referred me to tmo support. I suspect tmo support will refer me to IFTTT who will refer me back to mojio who will refer me back to tmo support. S I thought I'd ask if anyone here has had any luck with getting IFTTT to work \with their SyncUP


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5 replies

I have the same issue. First it doesn't recognize my vehicle in the vehicle drop down in the recipe. Then it stays in "draft" mode (what ever that is) and when I test it, I get the same error as you. If you get a response from TMO can you please post it here?

One of the reasons I signed up for Sync Up was to link it to IFTTT. If it won't play nice I don't see a benefit to it 

I called SyncUP support at TMO and I was told that IFTTT and are supposed to work together but has been having problems. It was first reported in February and was originally supposed to be fixed by the end of February but it wasn't. He had no ETA for resolution and said to monitor "the app" for updates (I assume he really meant monitor the IFTT/ service). I have been monitoring IFTTT and have seen some Mojio apps disappear from and then reappear a day or two later so I figure is still working on fixing whatever problems exist with the integration.

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Good morning!

Wow, I had no clue. It looks like I learned something new today as well. I appreciate you updating the thread after you worked with our Tech Support team. While I'm glad we're already aware of the issue, I wish we had an ETR (estimated time of resolution). Thanks to you, other users will have a better idea of what's going on with IFTTT and

Although T-Mobile is on the cutting-edge of technology, Mojio seems not to be. For example, it would be very useful with respect to IFTTT, if there were an applet integrating "leaving Geofence" and "entering Geofence." Also, it would be very useful for Sync-Up to be able to send SMS  and email notifications regarding Sync-Up events. Unless I am missing something, notifications such as entering and leaving Geofence are only through the smartphone app. If there is a way to do this (send text or email), I would like to know.

This integration is gone today, returns a 404 not found now.