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  • 17 January 2020
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I have had SyncUP drive for a little while now it’s always had little hiccups and it wasn’t a big deal to me but now I am continuously getting a low battery notification, and that my battery is in critical condition. I had my battery tested and there is NOTHING wrong with it, after ready a bunch of comments about others having this same issue I am 100% convinced that it is syncup drive causing this problem. I won’t be using this device anymore and I will not recommend it to anyone I know.


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4 replies

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That's an interesting situation! An important thing to remember is that there's a whole car between the battery and the SyncUP DRIVE. And a lot of the information the SyncUP DRIVE reports to you is provided by the car; the device just lets you see it. So your best bet is to have a mechanic check it out.

I actually had this issue with SyncUP DRIVE on one of my cars, but the car was still running fine and I ignored it. Eventually, the car wouldn't start anymore and acted like the battery was dead. Bought a brand new battery but it still had the same issue. So I went to a mechanic. Turns out, the mound of powder on the battery connectors was the battery cable corroding. The mechanic had to snip off the end of the cable, put on a new connector, and suddenly everything was fine. So there are reasons outside the battery that could cause power issues.


I did bring my vehicle in and have it check out thats how I know everything is fine with my vehicle and syncup drive is sending me incorrect information

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Have you contacted our internal Tech teams to do some troubleshooting and see if we can get this resolved?

I have seen the same message but only once.  I have a hybrid vehicle and get notifications that my vehicle is being towed (while in EV mode).  Also my GPS failed last week.  Not sure this is the correct “Hot Spot” for me. Hopefully T-mobile has another solution.