SyncUp Drive not issuing IP addresses?

  • 12 December 2018
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Today my SyncUp drive device stopped issuing IP addresses. I have an Android based car stereo and my OnePlus 6T and neither can complete connecting. It times out Obtaining IP address. I unplugged it and plugged it back in but no change. According to the SyncUp app on my phone TMobile has no trouble identifying my vehicle and it's location. Thanks.


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10 replies

I have restarted the drive device. Reset it. Pulled out the Sim card and restarted it. No change. Still unable to obtain an IP address.

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It sounds like there could be an issue with the connection from the syncup to the network. We would need to get a support ticket opened for this specific issue with our engineers. Please do call us if you have not already so that our Team of Experts folks can get a support ticket opened for you.

I called 61 A tech promised to call me back but never did. I went to my local retailer and they tried to get me a replacement but the warehouse is out of stock.

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I am very sorry the follow up was missed 😥 Replacing the device is usually the last resort. What led them to believe a replacement was necessary? Have you had the chance to call tech support back after the time frame was missed?

No I have not called them back. I was at the mall and decided to try the store. They wanted me to start my vehicle and leave it unlocked and running and come back to the store.

The app sees my vehicle and notifies me when it's on the move.

The router just is not issuing an IP address. It times out. I have reset the device twice. Restarted it a few times and also pulled out the SIM card once. I don't think there is anything else I can do on my end to fix it.

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Just to clarify here, when you say IP addresses, does that mean that the devices are not able to connect to the SyncUp WiFi at all or there are connected but just cannot utilize the internet via the hotspot?

Devices see it, connect to it but it times out obtaining IP address.

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Okay, so they can connect to the WiFi, but are unable to access any data through it. Since the device itself works (location info) that means that the network your device is connecting to is fine and can support data traffic. I honestly think the issue here is just the hotspot portion which is something that we can address through a trouble ticket. Was a ticket filed for you before you were promised a call back?

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I agree with Chris. A ticket is definitely the way to go. Can you let us know if you filed one of these already?

was this ever resolved? i have the same issue ....