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  • 26 September 2019
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I bought a SyncUp drive from Tmobile and tried to connect it with my car. But it did not work. I literally tried everything so I just thought it was defective. So I exchanged with a new one. I tried the new one out, plugged it to my car, and still did not connect with my car. The app says “unplugged“ and when I try to connect to the hotspot, it takes me to the website that says “Get Started” but it greys out and says error, “can’t open page”. This is literally the only product from Tmobile that I’m really disappointed. I already talked to many people from support and were no help. I wasted 150 dollars for nothing then. And yes my car is compatible. The only thing that works on this drive is the GPS


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Hey there! I'm sorry the second SyncUp device isn't working for you. When you talked to support over the phone, what exactly did they test? Do you show any lights on your device when it's plugged into your car? When you access the app does it display your vehicle's info?

They haven’t tested nothing. They just checked if the drive was activated and all that. They said everything is okay and they’re not sure why it’s not connecting with my car. I believe it has something to do with my account. And also, the drive does show green lights. When I go to the app, it just says device unplugged. It displays nothing of my vehicle.

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That's weird that they didn't do any troubleshooting after confirming it was activated. I'm wondering if your plan has the proper SyncUp feature attached to it (only Care over the phone/chat or T-Force on Facebook/Twitter will be able to tell). We also need to verify that the SIM number on file matches on our end. There's definitely some troubleshooting we can complete after confirming it's activated. Try working with T-Force over Facebook or Twitter and let me know how that goes. You can also link them to this thread, if needed.

I'm having the same problems. I have 2 green lights on and my account is saying it is active on the Sync up.

I have the exact same issue and have been troubleshooting for 2 months. Had the device swapped. Called in and went into a store. Still not working but paying for service. 

This was marked as solved, but what was the solution?

hi everyone , i got my syncup drive this last Friday and i have not got my to work, led light 1 is blinking green, led light 2 is solid green , how do i fix it ??? i will call T mobile in the morning before i bring back it the store. i need to get it going Because i am going to Arizona in june 7 and i will be living full time in my RV Trailer thanks

just got 2 of these.  i’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app multiple times.  i’ve deleted and reinstalled the device in the app. i’ve tried pressing the reset on the device.  nothing seems to work.  led 1 light continues to blink.  bluetooth often times has a hard time finding the device (not sure this is even necessary). device consistently says it’s unplugged.  doesn’t have anything to do with “going for a drive” because i’ve driven 15 minutes a couple of times and for an hour yesterday after spending about 30 minutes talking to t-mobile, who could offer no solutions.  said device was probably bad, take it to a store and let them check it and they’d mark the account for exchange.  went to store this morning who said they didn’t have any way to check the device and also that they didn’t have any in the store and even if they did they couldn’t exchange it because it was bought with “telesales” and would have to come out of their inventory not the store.

daughter hadn’t tried her device yet, we just tried the original device and the second device in her car with the same results.

i’m ready to return these and get them off my bill.  what a waste of time.

Im going through this right now. This is sickening. 

I'm going to the same issue right now is been 4 days going back and forward to the store and over the phone the representative try there best but after 2 hours with no result they give up and tell me to exchange it for another one and i did, the new one have the same issue, i try to check and it said  is unplug, when is plug in and on, go for a run and this app will update but it doesn't after more that 1h driving it did not happen, i did a troubleshooting and the device is connect to the GPS and also to T-Mobile network but the Syncup drive status is red base on the troubleshooting if the GPS is green and the Network is green but the Syncup drive status is not green it means is not connecting to the cloud data base and that is why is not displaying any of my car info, i told the TMobile representative and guess what? They don't even know what is the cloud data base, they think I'm talking about the icloud which is an apple storage exclusive for apple devices in the cloud even that i all ready tell them i own a Pixel 6 which is Android 12 and anyway it doesn't have nothing to do with that, it has to do with the data base in the cloud for the syncUp, so as I'm writing this I'm on hold for another tech and is been another hour of me weting for s representative to come and help and I'm not happy at all because i waste over 35 dollar on gas back and forward to the store and over 8 hours in 4 day talking with techs. The hotspot work perfectly but that is the last thing i need, i bought this cause i want to monitor my daughter when she use my car because she like to run fast and also because the road assistance if she need it and I'm not close to her, i want to clarify I'm not mad a TMobile or any of the people that help me they did awesome and they did the best they can, I'm just surprised that T-Mobile is not training better there people to help with this device, if you can't troubleshooting then don't sale it please.

I gave it back  


The SyncUP drive app is defective. Stop making excuses for a product that obviously wasn’t fully tested before hitting the market and an app that definitely wasn’t assembled correctly. Amanda I understand that you’re a member of T-Mobile(somehow) and you’re doing what you can to put in a hood word for the company’s sake, but misleading people by making them think there’s more they can do as a customer to fix the problem is a real slap in the face. I build apps in Xcode. I know when an app isn’t developed correctly. 

This sucks. Mines not working ethier. Just purchase yesterday

I had the Sprint Drive for 2 years and had NO ISSUES.    I was forced to upgrade to SyncUP Drive and the thing has done nothing but piss me off.   
It doesn’t show fuel level on my daughters car but shows on mine, it notifies that a trip was ended WHILE DRIVING, none of my 3 devices show the engine health, it’s not recording trips on my wife’s truck.   
I do not care for SyncUP Drive and will be returning them    

I want Sprint Drive back.   

I had this same issue for about three months. They did trouble shoot but to no avail. I searched on YouTube and the web myself. To no avail because the instructions were the same. So I decided to download the the SyncUP Legacy app. It said it was not compatible to my car. But it did give me an option to download the regular SyncUP app I did and it told me to drive my car for 15 minutes after download and not even five minutes went by it said I was online and to finish setting up the drive. That was today 2/20/23. It’s working now BUT it’s not reading my correct address when I get home. But it’s working and I will troubleshoot that today. I hope this helps.

(Possible duplicate)    --    Bad experience with SyncUp-Drive --  Worked satisfactorily for 5 months.  (A couple of modest issues, like not being able to clear old trips.  Want only 7 days, erase older.)  MAJOR issue started in August with FOUR Engine status codes.  Took car to shop.  They confirmed the same codes with Professional Diagnostic Tool.   Afterwards, reinserted Sync-up Drive.   Never was recognized.  Most recent info (car location) shows still at repair shop.  Still shows the 4 error codes.  Lacks detailed instructions for users who like to dig into the weeds.  TMobile (corporate) Store personal tried to help, discovered internal doct revieling a reset pin.  Tried that, no joy.

Discovered this site and appreciate ideas for some problems.   Help me?

Hi All:


I have had the synch up drive for over eight years and it used to work great--when they had the old device with the external sim card that you could change and the old legacy app... Somehow when I changed my phone over a year ago it got all screwed up and has not worked right since. I tried the new app, the legacy app and switched devices. Somehow I can not clear the old data which is all screwed up. I have spent over 8over a period of the last 8 months days on the phone spending several hours on each call.

NOBODY--not even the level two techs know anything about it or how to fix it. I just purchased another device on ebay (brand new) and will try to reinstall the app for the nth time but I am afraid that part of the screw up is attached to my email account which I can’t delete.


Amanda, with all the numerous complaints on this forum this issue needs to be brought to llight with upper management at TMobile. As mentioned before if the techs don’t know how to fix it don’t sell it!!!


Peg Davis

My SyncUp Drive is suddenly not working. The last trip I took was 1 hour ago and now it doesn’t show a new trip that was from 9:25am until 10:15 am.  It’s like it’s the server isn’t working to update trips..???

Is there something happening with the service???

Is the SyncUp Drive service DOWN.