SyncUP Drive prevents remote starter from working

  • 14 December 2021
  • 2 replies


Last week I had a remote-starter put in my car.  Unfortunately, the mechanic found it would only work when SyncUP Drive is physically disconnected.  Each time we put it back in, the remote-starter would fail to turn the car on.  Remove the SyncUP, and things return to working order.


The dealership rechecked the remote-starter install, and indicated it’s a completely standard install and not an issue they have seen with any other similar OBD-tracking device.


Has anyone experienced this before?  Any ideas for how to fix or troubleshoot?


I have tried in-store, chat, and phone support for Tmobile.  Mostly, I receive head scratching responses, and no concrete recommendations or contacts w/in Tmobile to try for deeper help.

2 replies


@GGabe72 I’ve stuck it out through the long hold times multiples times and have eventually gotten connected with someone.  I’m always told they’ve noted down my problem and I’ll receive a call back shortly (within 15-60 mins, or worst case 24 hours) from an expert with the device. 


Nobody calls back EVER (once I was told someone supposedly did try to contact me, but there was no email, voicemail, or incoming missed tmobile call and the new rep couldn’t tell me how or when the other person supposedly tried reaching out).  I tried 4 separate calls in 2 weeks, same routine each time, same promise to get back to me, same deal not hearing anything.  Each time I start over in in describing the problem and/or get ping-ponged across 2-4 different reps.  


I’ve also tried Tmobile on twitter, who does respond, but with nothing concrete for steps to try or where to go next.


My latest phone attempt was to try to get Tmobile to just take the device back and wash my hands of it, but they wanted ~$90 to “buy out the device” because it’s 14 days past purchase.  Even though it breaks my car starter and spams me with false diagnostic codes (confirmed as not real by Toyota themselves), and is only past the 14 days because I’ve been acting in good faith trying to allow Tmobile support time to help me.  Instead, they seem to have successfully run out the clock past the return window with the support games, and now I’m stuck eating the cost.


My advice: if you’re still within the 14-day return window, get rid of the device asap.  Otherwise expect to go in an endless loop of phone support telling you you’ll get help that never comes, and/or play a game where phone support says to go to the store, and the store tells you to try online chat, and chat tells you to try the phone etc etc.

I am having the exact same issue.  I have tried to call but wait times are ridiculous and when I ask to get a call back I'm on hold for what seems like eternity and I end up hanging up because I am at my salon and have a client coming in that needs to be attended to.  PLEASE someone help us with this issue!