SyncUp illuminating ABS warning light

  • 24 January 2019
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Is anyone else running the SyncUp having an issue where it illuminates the dash ABS warning light?  I’m running a 2003 Toyota RAV4.  Whenever the car is stopped with the SyncUp device installed, the ABS warning light flashes.  Removing the SyncUp causes the flashing to stop.  Brakes were just checked, no issues there.  Nothing set in the DTC.


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2 replies

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There are all sorts of anomalies that occur when using what is pretty much a generic OBD2 scanning adapter. Software is not necessarily engineered specifically for a year make and model vehicle.

This means that not everything is compatible and other things may trigger warning lights or other information screens on the dash.

the adapter and service are mainly there as suggestions and a tool to become better familiar with the vehicle and data tracking. This in no way replaces a multi $1,000 scanner used at a place like a dealership.


I started experiencing this occurrence 2 weeks ago...I became afraid to drive vehicle...i even bought fuses and was abt to put my 2010 wrangler in the shop! So...I'm going to try operating the vehicle WITHOUT the  SyncUp...will update soon...CHEERS