SyncUp Tracker Fail

  • 15 May 2021
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Went into store to get the new SyncUp Tracker, have seen some cool looking ads and have already discovered the many limitations the Apple Airtags have. The girl who welcomed me the loudest into the store said they’d sold a lot of them so I was thinking COOL, this will be a no thing to add one to my account.

Boy was I wrong.

After looking up my account she said I had to put a $250 deposit down because I have too many devices already. I said I have an apple watch connected that I could deactivate and then the Tracker could take up that spot in my devices. She said I had to call 611 to deactivate.

I call 611 and speak to Mark, in the Phillipines, who after a not short 36 minute conversation tells me he’s got everything converted over with the apple watch I wanted to deactivate but to make sure he’s deactivated the correct watch I login to my account and find that my bill for this month has gone up by $300. How can this be, I ask Mark. He looks into it and tells me the girl at the store activated two more lines AND charged me the $250 deposit fee I was trying to avoid. Mark also says there is a $25 fee, but not a $250 one. What?!

I go into the store with Mark from the Phillipines on the phone and have her talk to him. After a few minutes she takes him off speaker and tells me not verbatim, that she’s going to start everything over, refund my $250, AND she’ll have to call 611 again to complete the conversion from the apple watch to the Tracker.

She tells me I have to pay $26 to activate the Tracker, so I give her $26. She tells me she’ll email me the receipt. She opens a presumably new tracker and attempts to scan the QR code several times after I create a login on the SyncUp Tracker app on my phone. It doesn’t work. She speaks with a handful of other employees at the store and there seems to be some consensus on why things aren’t working and what can be done to get them to work.

I’ve been in the store more than an hour, don’t forget the 36 minutes with Mark from the Phillipines, and still don’t have a working device. At some point she says things should work and again attempts to pair the tracker using the QR code. I tell her it’s dinner time for my 5 yr old, who has been patiently waiting for me to get this all done, and that I can follow the pairing instructions at home.

We leave and after dinner I try and pair the Tracker but have the same result she had, none. The girl at the store wrote the store telephone number on a post it and I called her to tell her my bill still said I owed $300 more than I should (she said she would fix it) and that the tracker wouldn’t sync. She tells me her manager Patrick had just left and would try and call him to see what could be done, and that she’d call me back.

More than an hour later I see that $275 had been removed from my bill for May, but she still hasn’t called back. She answers the second time I call and tells me her manager must be in a meeting and isn’t picking up or something. At this point I’ve totally given up with her and she tells me she still has my information on her computer screen!

WHAT?! I tell her to get it off her screen and restart her computer or whatever she needs to do to not mess with my account/ lines/ frustration level.

I then call the number for customer care and speak to someone for 46 minutes (maybe the first ten, trying to explain all that had happened earlier) and he gets the Tracker working and says the girl entered it as a different device code which was causing the problem (I guess). He says something about refunds can’t be refunded but still ends up refunding me $25, so my bill for next month hasn’t changed yet.

The best part of this all is, after powering on the tracker and getting a location ONCE, I try to get it to make sounds and it does not. Then, I try and get real time locations on it (they’re supposed to be every ten seconds when you’re looking at it’s location on the map on the app) and it gives me the Tracker’s initial location and the number of minutes prior it was there!

USELESS. Not only that but I look over and see a sticker on the box it came in that reads “restocking fee applies when returning this product.

Do I have to submit a question here? I still do not have proof of having paid the $26, which isn’t a big deal except when I do not wish to give T Mobile another $26 because of their employees inability to provide me a simple receipt.

If you’ve read this far I feel bad for you, sorry.

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Oh man. This’ll be something we need our account specialist to look at further. You can message our T-Force team on our Facebook or Twitter page. They can look into this and sort things out.