Syncup watch app all items core api failing error on opening page, then crashes

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When I click to open the syncup app for the watch, I get a little pop up on the opening screen right before it crashes that says: all items core api failing.  Started yesterday and still! Can't track without this app. Tried clearing data, cache, uninstalling app, reinstalling app, and no luck. What is going on? I'm seeing several others also complained yesterday of the same issue. 

Can tmobile provide an update, especially considering this is a feature for children's safety monitoring?  I've had inconsistent reliability with tracking since getting this thing 12 months ago and locked down for another year with it. This wasn't what I agreed to as far as service and reliability. I hope tmobile will cancel it and set me free of this.


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My syncup app seems to be working again. Just FYI.

The App is working  now!