T-Mobile Home Internet + Google Nest WiFi

  • 5 May 2020
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I purchased T-Mobile Home Internet and just set it up. When I plug the Ethernet into my Google Nest WiFi router, it does not work. Does anyone know how to get the T-Mobile Home Internet working with a Google Nest WiFi mesh network?

4 replies

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Have you tried putting the Nest into AP/Repeater mode?

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Have you tried the suggestion above? We do have our Tutorials | T-Mobile Support page for installation steps that can be helpful. Otherwise, getting in touch with our Tech care team to go through more thorough troubleshooting is another option.

Was this questions resolved? I’m planning on buying the Google WiFi mesh routers and I’m worried it won’t work with my T-Mobile Home Internet gateway.

Yes!!! I know how.  Could not find online, could not resolve with technical support 1+hour phone call.  The WAN port is not active on the T-Mobile Gateway, do not try and use it.  Plug Google Wifi point into the LAN of T-Mobile Gateway and the Internet WAN of the Google Wifi Point.  Then you need to assign the Google wifi point an IP address in the range of the Local LAN T-Mobile Gateway (Reset to default if this has been changed).  I just picked a random 192.168.2.XXX in the range (100-150 default I think, I used 102) Subnet and Domain  The wifi point then finished setup and my existing devices connected back up to it after I gave it the same name/password as my prior network.  I then using wif on a computer (can not do it in the phone app) to turn off both wifi bands (the one I wasn’t on first and then the one I was on).  Unplugged everything and moved to better location and it all worked when powered back up.  *Note - the app will no longer work but you can log back into the gateway page using the admin and your password, alternatively you could do a hard reset on the gateway to get back in using default wifi.