T Mobile Hotspot and VPN

  • 24 June 2020
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I use a standalone T Mobile Hotspot device as my only access to the internet for my laptop and desktop computer.  I am interested in using a VPN to better secure my connection.  How would this work?  Would my access speeds be slowed? Would I run into any other issues with data consumption, etc?  All help appreciated.

PS.  Before you move from the city to the country make certain you know how you are going to get internet for non-phone devices….


1 reply

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From the T-Mobile side, we just provide the internet connection. If you want to connect to a VPN over the internet, that’s fine with us :sunglasses:  You’ll want to work with the VPN provider to find out how their service works, sometimes you have to download an app and sometimes there are settings to enter. And according to this website, VPNs will increase your data usage because you’re adding encryption on top of whatever you’d normally be sending.