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Is anyone having issues with the SyncUp Kids Watch 1.5, that is a Sprint customer? I just got my watch today and when I go the app, I created a TMobile ID using my email. When I go to pair the watch, it says “Watch has wrong rate plan. Please contact Customer Care and let our team know your watch has an invalid rate plan.” 

I have the Unlimited Watch Plan for $15/month. When I called Customer service they switched the plan to the other one, 500mb plan, and it still wasn’t working.

We’ve restarted the watch multiple times, uninstalled and reinstalled the app. I spent hours on the phone with customer service as well the chat sessions. No one has been able to help. They say they have never had this issue, I know that this is the newer version of the watch. Hoping someone is able to help! I’m stuck.


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I am having the same issue.  Were you able to get this resolved?


No, we ended up doing a return and ordered a new one, should be here in a few days. Doubt that is the issue, so probably need to call customer service again but they we're no help, so not sure what to do. =/

We just received watch #2 and it’s doing the same thing. “Wrong rate plan”. After hours on the phone and chats nothing is resolved and they told me to go to the store. I think the issue is that it’s T-Mobile device and it’s recognizing our phone and watch lines as sprint still, so I’m not sure what they can do at this point. 


Ugh, we got our 2nd watch. Same issue. We were told to bring it to the store as well, not sure what else they can do. We'll be going on Friday, hopefully they can figure it out. =/

We took two trips to the T-Mobile store, they were helpful but unable to resolve the issue.  Basically we were told that the watch isn’t compatible with any current Sprint plan, and it may be months before this is fixed.  If anyone gets a different answer from their store, please post and let us know.  

I may have figured out a solution but I’m not 100 percent sure yet. I saw a family member who had sprint have their account fully transferred to T-Mobile. I googled it and apparently if you click on the site it takes you to pay your final sprint bill so you can have a full tmobile account. I won’t be trying this for a few weeks since we just recently paid our sprint bill. But I think after that it’ll recognize the watch line as a T-Mobile number and not sprint. 

Looking into it further you can’t merge your sprint account to T-Mobile until all your leases are paid off 🙄



Thank you for sharing and bringing it up to our attention. Can you please shake your phone and send us a bug report. It will provide us with some required information to start troubleshooting. Please make sure to add some notes in the description, for example "Sprint, v1.5, pairing issue - incorrect rate plan".
We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your help! 

SyncUP KIDS Watch Team

Any updates on a potential fix for this issue?  We are experiencing the same error of wrong rate plan and customer care has not been able to do much.


Not yet, I emailed Ola from the SyncUP KIDS Watch Team this morning. Still waiting for a response. I'll keep this post updated if we can get the issue resolved.

I haven't tried transferring my account to TMobile, but we have an older phone plan so not sure how that would effect that? When I looked at TMobile plans, comparable to what we currently have, we'd be paying $360 more a year. It wasn't worth the move for us, so I'd like to avoid that if possible.

Thanks for the update, is this only with the newer black versions of the watch?   If so, maybe they can apply a similar fix that was used with the white/gray version last year.

I’m currently on with T-Mobile tech support. Not looking good. She mentioned at lot of others also have this issue. Not sure what they are going to do for me but I’m guessing this watch will be getting returned!


Hi all, we’re working on this to be resolved. ETA we have is tomorrow. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience. 

Note: It’s not specific to the black versions. 

Anyone have any luck with the fix yet?  If so, what process did you do to get it working

We had to return the ones we got. My mom ordered me one for my son on her T-Mobile plan and it worked immediately when we got it , so being unable to merge to T-Mobile completely is definitely the problem.

Has this been resolved yet? We have been having this issue while Friday last week (today is Monday). I think it’s just terrible to release a product that does not work. If this won’t get resolved soon we will be forced to return the watch - so disappointing for my kid. 

I am an existing Sprint customer (since 2004) I am on hold currently for a technical support specialist. It is currently almost 8PM where I live and while im writing this the call ended i was on hold for 54 minutes and the phone call just ended... waiting for the courtesy call back.... definitely a Sprint/T-mobile issue

Don’t waste your time calling until a fix has been confirmed.  I spent 4 hours on the phone this weekend being transferred/disconnected back and forth.

I’m having the same issue. I was on with Tmobile customer care for 3 hours last night. The technical support said he would call me back at 2pm central time today. That’s when he goes back to work. I’m so frustrated. Why would it let us order it, if it doesn't pair and has an invalid rate plan that pops up?  I’ve been a sprint costumer since 1997. The support acted like they have never heard of this before. 

Update: The advisor said that it’s an invalid rate plan because it wasnt taking effect until nov 1. So we switched it to today’s date. 

There is a fix my son's is now working... I took it to the t-mobile store... I AM AN EXISTING SPRINT CUSTOMER WITH SPRINT ACCOUNT. After spending hours on the phone last night with customer service not getting anywhere I went into the store this morning. My watch had a standard data plan assigned to the watch. it actually needs the syncup kids watch plan selected. Mine did not.. as soon as they changed it, it linked up... take it back to the store and ask them to fix it, the issue again was they had selected the wrong plan, a data plan, it needs the syncup kids watch plan... IT WILL WORK THEY DO WORK. after first look it and going through it I'm actually pretty excited to have him wearing it. Map is great messaging is great easy to add people to their contacts... phone calls could be clearer but not terrible, I didn't expect it to sound as clear as a real phone.

Perfect!  I just chatted with Sprint online and they changed the watch to this plan.  I’m at work right now but I’ll give it a try tonight at home.  Hopefully that’s the fix!

Been using the spring chat for past hour, no luck yet.  Is it a 500mb watch plan or something specifically for syncup kids?

We were finally able to get ours to work.  Call or chat with them and ask them to switch the watch to the “SyncUP KIDS Watch Plan” effective immediately.  We did that and it paired on the next attempt.

I confirm, the “Kids Sync Up Plan” is what you need on Sprint (No other plan will work).  Everything worked perfectly fine after that.  Just do the online chat and tell them that’s what you need and life will be good!